Saying goodbye to our sweet boy Hummus

We are so sad to say that we had to say goodbye to our hilarious and wonderful pug, Hummus, recently. It took me awhile to even write this, as it has been to hard, but I thought we should share, as many people have read our bios and have met our guy over the years. He was the funniest dog with the weirdest habits, and would make us laugh so many times a day. We were lucky to have him in our lives for the 6 years we lived with him. We adopted him when he was 5.5 years at from Pugalug Pug Rescue and he was a puppymill guy. He must have had a hard early life, but the second he stepped in our door he just decided that life was amazing and happy and perfect and he was going to love everything to the max! And he really really did.  We love you, little Humbug!