Frequently Asked Questions


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Question:  How do I wash my Peachy Keen items?

Answer:  We wash everything in cold water in the washing machine, and hang over the shower rod to dry (martingales can lay flat to dry).  Your items will not shrink in the dryer, but I find cold water and air drying will keep the fabric colours their brightest for longest!


Question:  My dog gets SO DIRTY!  Can I do anything to protect their collar from dirt?

Answer:  Many of our customers use Scotch Guard on the inside and outside of their items to help with keeping them clean. It creates a barrier against dirt to sink into the item, which makes it much easier to wash clean! The only time I wouldn't suggest Scotch Guard is if you have a dog that has very distinct and intense skin allergies, as you wouldn't want to exacerbate those issues with a new substance.  I find the Scotch Guard that is safe to use on indoor furniture like couches is the best, as it is formulated to be safe for you to put your skin or a babies skin directly on it when it is dry.  PLEASE MAKE SURE IF YOU SPRAY YOUR COLLAR YOU ALLOW FOR IT TO 100% AIR DRY BEFORE USE!! 


Question:  Are your collars just made of fabric? I have a strong dog.

Answer:  Inside our collars we use a wonderfully strong nylon webbing, which makes our collars pull the same amount as many standard nylon items you'll see in stores. This nylon does not stretch, so with continued wear it won't change on  you! We sew fabric all the way around the nylon so no nylon touches the dog. We find many dogs have sensitivities to nylon and it can cause abrasions or hair breakage, so we cover it all up!  Every fabric we carry is 100% cotton, so it is breathable, washable and super cute!  The softness of the fabric allows for it to slide nicely across the body instead of chafe. Our pugs little pug armpits were often chafed with nylon harnesses so that is one of the main reasons we started Peachy Keen Pets! 


Question:  Will you replace my collar for free if it breaks?

Answer:  If there is a manufacturing problem with the collar, for instance if the buckle snapped or a piece of metal hardware broke, yes, we will be happy to exchange the collar at no charge if it is clear that it didn't break from a dog or human using it incorrectly.  An example of incorrect usage would be if your dog chewed on the buckle, the free exchange would be void.  But if you want us to replace a buckle that was chewed for $3, we can do that for you no problem! If something like stitching is coming loose from scratching or something else, we can repair that too!  We cannot replace collars for small, fixable issues but we are always happy to repair something if we can. 


Question:  What if the fabric gets worn out? 

Answer:  We do not give refunds or free exchanges if the fabric wears, as fabric is a much softer material than leather or nylon and it is something that can happen with soft cotton.  For many dogs they can wear our items for years with very little wear. Others who might have allergies and scratch a lot, or run through trees and brush every day, will have their collars for a shorter period of time as the cotton can snag on nails or branches. We can't guarantee the fabric lifespan of the collar, but our warranty would cover if the nylon webbing underneath was compromised in a way that would have been a manufacturing default.  Sidenote: many dogs with allergies do well with our collars and scratch less wearing 100% cotton than if they wore other materials. If you are working on getting allergies under control and your current collar is bothering your dog, fabric may help! 


Question:  Can I recycle my old Peachy Keen with you? What will you do with it? Will I get a discount if I do?

Answer:  You can absolutely turn in old items from Peachy Keen to us and we will recycle the hardware if it is in good condition. We often make items for dogs in rescue and the hardware can be used toward this endeavor since we are providing these items free to these dogs. I love knowing that we can breathe new life into old pieces for more pets! If you do turn yours in and were upgrading to a new collar or other item with us, we are happy to provide a discount. The amount will depend on the piece(s) you're turning in. We do not accept collars or items from other makers, as I cannot know the quality of the hardware involved and it hasn't been safety tested the way ours has. 


Question:  Do you donate items or money to rescues, charities, or other causes?

Answer:  Yes we do! Please keep in mind that we get inquiries multiple times per day, 365 days a year, so sometimes we can't do them all. If we haven't responded to you in a timely fashion it might be due to a very, very large amount of inquiries we are receiving in that moment, some days we get 15 requests for donations to different organizations. If we can't help one year, don't hesitate to ask us the next, timing really is everything sometimes!  All inquiries should go to, not through the facebook fanpage.  Thank you!


Question:  What is the turnaround time if I ordered items from you? 

Answer:  Turnaround time can vary depending on the time of year, and how many orders we currently have.  Every item made by Peachy Keen Pets is prepped by my two assistances, and sewn by me.  We are not a factory or large company, we don't always have pre-made items on hand in our workshop.  It can take between 1-3 weeks depending on many factors, so if you are in a rush for an item that is a gift, or for a wedding, it is best to email us directly and let us know if you have a timeline.  We try to get orders shipped within a week of ordering, but there are certain times of year where it gets a little tougher to do it so quickly. 


Question:  I ordered the wrong size for my dog, what can I do?

Answer:   We are happy to exchange unworn items for the size you need.  You would pay the difference if you need a larger size, or we would refund the difference if you need a smaller size.  We do not do refunds, but exchanges are most welcome.  If you are not able to see us at an event or exchange in person at our office, you would be responsible for the shipping fees to us and back to you. There are ways to keep the costs down when using Canada Post of USPS, contact us and we can help!


Question:  Can I pick up items from your office directly/will you meet me somewhere to pick up an order we have placed?

Answer:  We get asked all the time if we can meet up with people who have ordered our items.  While you are welcome to pick up downtown Toronto outside our office, I do not meet people in other parts of the city or a few blocks away from where we are.  We don't mind if you want to swing by here if you'd like to save on shipping.  Also, if you check our events section, you may notice we will be at an event near you. If you want to place an order before an event we will be attending, we can have it ready for you to pick up there. Just let us know and you won't have to pay for shipping!


Question:  I still have not received my package and it's been longer than I expected, can I get a refund?

Answer:  Now and then, packages can get lost in the mail, delivered to the wrong address by the post worker, accidentally ripped in sorting, and a number of other ways that delay your package or have it go missing.  In these instances please let us know if shipping is taking longer than our estimates and we will look into the possible loss. If there are no answers in sight, we will remake the items you ordered and resend them with regular post (not expedited service) to make sure you receive what you purchased.  We are a small business and do not offer refunds for instances that aren't under our control once we have shipped.  Choosing the Expedited shipping option provides a tracking number, regular shipping is done with stamps and there is no way for us to track the package.  Email us at if you feel there may have been a delay or loss of your item. 


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