Pick Your Pattern harness


Pick Your Pattern harness

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Check out our fabric options and choose the one you like best! This options is here for when we have new fabrics and we haven't down the photography for them. So take a peek, write your choice in the notes during checkout, and you'll get what you want!


You have two options:

Step-in Style:  This style is shown in the photos.  One front leg goes in each hole, strap down the chest, and clip behind the back. Easy peasy!  Pro-tip on adjusting these harnesses is adjust the top strap first. It will have our logo on it. Set that how it fits most sturdy and comfortably against the chest. Then adjust the back strap. These two straps are rarely adjusted the same length when fitting well. 

H-style:  This style first has you put your pups head through the main hole. Then one leg goes in, and clip under the second leg.  It's easier when you see it than reading it!  You know you have it on correctly when the D-ring is sitting on your dogs back and that strap is pointing toward the tail.  

The larger the size you choose the more print you'll see. This one shown in size small, 5/8" wide.

Suggested sizes are:

XS - 1/2",  S - 5/8",  M 3/4",  L 3/4" or 1", XL 1" wide. This will help in checkout.



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