Punisher bandana


Punisher bandana

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We have two styles, so choose wisely!  

First, the slip-in style, shown in the photo.  In this style your clip or buckle style collar will slide through the top of the bandana. You CANNOT wear this if your dog only wears a harness or martingale, there is nowhere to attach. 

Second option, the tie-on style.  It looks like this but there are straps that tie around the neck. Perfect for dogs that wear a harness only, or a martingale style collar. Or just because you like straps, that's cool too!

Both styles have a sturdy back to them, they aren't just fabric on top. This will make the item longer lasting! 



Peachy Keen Pets is not affiliated with Marvel Comics or it's partners. We purchase licensed fabric to create our products.

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